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PMI® California Central Valley Chapter (CCVC ) in partnership with the DeVry University , is hosting their Summer CAPM Exam Prep Course.
DeVry University is a Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC ) after meeting the Project Management Institute’ s (PMI®) rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness.

Completion of this course satisfies the requirement of 23 hours of Project Management training for the exam application.

Why should I get my CAPM®?
Demand for credentialed project managers is increasing. Recent surveys have shown on average that CAPM credential holders are earning more money that their non-credentialed counterparts.

Why Should I take this course?
You’ll gain the essential knowledge and preparation necessary to pass the Project Management Institute’s CAPM Certification Exam. The course is based on PMI’s PMBOK Guide 5th Edition. This unique training, taught by professional CAPM or PMP-certified project managers with over 100 combined years of experience, will help you understand - not memorize - the concepts necessary to pass the CAPM exam. Our instructor’s backgrounds include Healthcare, Engineering, Construction, Transportation, Education, Aviation, Electronics, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, and Information Systems.

Course Costs
Student Pricing :
$149 for PMI-CCVC Student members
$179 for Student non-members
Regular Pricing :
$449 for PMI-CCVC members
$479 for non-PMI-CCVC members
Cost includes course materials and dinner
Assistance in the PMI CAPM Application Process
Personal Coaching Sessions with Faculty 

Registration Deadline : July 5, 2016


Twelve 2 hour sessions over 6 weeks (Tuesdays & Thursdays) 6:00 – 8:00pm

Topics Covered
(order subject to change):
07/06/17 Kickoff Meeting
07/11/17 PM Framework and Processes
07/13/17 Integration Management
07/18/16 Human Resources Management
07/20/17 Time Management
07/25/17 Cost Management
07/27/17 Quality Management
08/01/17 Scope Management
08/03/17 Procurement Management
08/08/17 Risk Management
08/10/17 Comm & Stakeholder Mgt
08/15/17 Professional & Social Resp.

For more information, contact VP Professional Development vp_prof_dev@pmi-ccvc.org

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PMI-CCVC is pleased to be in our seventh consecutive year of hosting PMP and CAPM exam preparation courses. Each exam prep course is taught by PMP certified professionals who volunteer as instructors, many of whom received their credentials from these very courses that our chapter has conducted over the years. We are proud to say that several students from each course have passed the exam and received their certifications as a result of these courses, underscoring the tremendous success of this chapter's professional development initiative.

Here are some testimonials from recent graduates who have gone on to pass the PMP Exam Prep Course:

"I am so proud of achieving the Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification and adding it to my Professional Engineering (PE) credential. The PMP instructors were passionate and enthusiastic in helping me prepare for the exam. They were engaging and really cared, and I could tell they wanted me to succeed.

The course materials used to prepare me for the test were right on. I have expanded my skills and knowledge in project management as a result of taking the class and just being around real world project managers. Thank you so much for the help!"

Mohamad Annan, GC. PE. PMP. - California Department of Transportation

We encourage you to join the ranks of these successful graduates by attending our Fall 2016 PMP Exam Prep course!

The deadline to register and pay the registration fee is September 2, 2016 for Early Registration.

Registrations and/or payments received after September 2 are subject to an additional fee.

The maximum occupancy for the class is 20 students so sign up early to reserve your seat. It is crucial that you register on time to ensure your materials will arrive by the first day of class. Anyone signing up after the Early Registration period may not receive their course materials until the second week of class.

Any cancellations after September 2, 2016 are non-refundable. To cancel, send an email to vp_prof_dev@pmi-ccvc.org on or before September 2, 2016. A refund will be provided less a $25 processing fee. Cancellation requests after this date will be rejected, regardless of the reason. However, the student may attend a future course at no additional charge. It will be the student’s responsibility to purchase new materials if there is a change to the curriculum.

Early Registration (Due by September 2, 2016):
1st-time participants: $849.00 for PMI-CCVC members. $899.00 for all others.
Returning course participants: $150 for PMI-CCVC members. $200 for all others. This fee does NOT include course materials. Contact vp_prof_dev@pmi-ccvc.org to request information if your materials are out of date.

Late Registration (After September 2, 2016)
1st-time participants: $949.00 for PMI-CCVC members. $999.00 for all others.
Returning course 
 participants: $250 for PMI-CCVC members. $300 for all others. Note -  This fee does NOTinclude course materials. Contact vp_prof_dev@pmi-ccvc.org to request information if your materials are out of date.


For More Information:
Email Karen O’Lane, VP Professional Development, vp_prof_dev@pmi-ccvc.org

Topics Covered (order subject to change):
09/12/16 Kickoff Meeting
09/14/16 PM Framework and Processes
09/19/16 Integration Management
09/21/16 Scope Management
09/26/16 Time Management
09/28/14 Cost Management
10/03/16 Quality Management
10/05/16 Human Resources Management
10/10/16 Communications & Stakeholder Management
10/12/16 Risk Management
10/17/16 Procurement Management
10/19/16 Professional & Social Responsibility