PMI California Central Valley Chapter

Matt Brown, PE, PMP



Reports to VP of Marketing

Years with PMI-CCVC: 9 months

Why PMI: I've only recently obtained both my PE license (Chemical Engineering) and PMP Certification in January and February of 2020 respectively, but I have acted as project manager for as long as I can remember. While in college I was quickly drawn into extra curricular organizations and student government.  Having had the opportunity to work with diverse groups and individuals I began to learn how to coordinate projects.

After graduating college in 2014 I was quickly thrown to the wolves of real world project management. I relied heavily on my superiors and their experiences managing projects in an effort to absorb new skills.  I learned via trial and error on many projects.  As I succeeded I thought I was fully knowledgeable in the process of project management. However, it wasn't until a project in late 2019, although very successful in delivering value, that I experienced all the pitfalls from a lack of formal training.  It was then when I realized I needed to invest in myself and develop a more disciplined approach. 

This single event is why I joined the PMI world.  It has offered me extensive resources and knowledge to further my career development. Moreover I have been able to establish an incredible network of fellow project managers and professionals.

I recently took on the role of the Webmaster in March of 2020 because I saw an opportunity to revolutionize and modernize the website. My goal is to provide a user-friendly, informational, exciting, and interactive website for all.

Fun Fact

I grew up in the Washington DC area, did my Undergrad in at Michigan State, and wound up taking my online Master's in Engineering Management at The George Washington University (the irony). When not in class, and not stuck in a pandemic, I enjoy taking my dirt bike out to the desert for some hill climbs and trail riding.

Book Recommendation


Inspirational Quote

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." - Tim Notke