PMI California Central Valley Chapter

Frank Vawter, PMP



Reports to President

Years with PMI-CCVC: 8 Years

I started my technology career with an AS in Computer Science, unsatisfied with this I went to get to a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and ultimately an MBA from Fresno State. I have worked in the private and public sectors, starting off building PCs and moving up the ladder to my current role, managing technology for a large public organization. I believe that one of the keys to my career growth has been the application of project management principles.

PMI has both global reach and local relevance through its system of chapters. This allows PMI to be large enough to have meaningful impacts across industries and governments as well as be relevant enough to be a catalyst for the development of, and service to, practitioners and organizations at the local, chapter, level.

Fun Fact

I lead a “Green Team” at a former employer where I helped develop sustainability and recycling practices that earned the organization recycling awards.

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Inspirational Quote

“You are responsible for what you are, and what you are not” -Sadhguru