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The Nine Intrinsic Motivations of Teammates

The Nine Intrinsic Motivations of Teammates

The Nine Intrinsic Motivations of Teammates

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One of the biggest challenges for new managers is understanding what motivates their team members.  Likely, they have a good idea of what motivates them, and they may project their own motivation onto others.  That strategy may or may not work. Some individuals may have completely different motivations, and a new manager may struggle to understand those differences. The Enneagram describes nine distinct motivations.  By knowing the core Enneagram style of each team member, the new manager can understand each person’s intrinsic motivation and can assign work in a motivating way.


About The Speaker:

As a systems thinker, Matt Schlegel has always been fascinated by team dynamics and what makes some teams succeed while others fail.

Matt's degrees in general engineering from Harvey Mudd College and electrical engineering from the University of California San Diego provided formal training in problem-solving, especially in solving technical and engineering problems. As he worked on bigger projects, Matt realized that successful problem solving was contingent more on effective teamwork than technical prowess.

Matt began studying the Enneagram in 2002 and started applying it in corporate settings in 2003. In 2004, he began developing the tools that Schlegel Consulting ( now uses to optimize team-based problem solving for innovative companies. His realization that the Enneagram can be applied to the analysis of teams as well as individuals led to the tools and strategies for work-team effectiveness described in his book, Teamwork 9.0.

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