Past Events (Pre 2016)

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11/19/2015 pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting Flyer November 2015 Bill Dominguez Chatpter
10/20/2015 pdf Academic Forum Flyer October 2015 pdf
Liz Gonzales
Gayle Christner
10/15/2015 pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting Flyer October 2015 Mike Carbajal Chapter
10/13/2015 pdf Healthcare Forum Flyer October 2015
Eric Dyck
David Bonnar
09/17/2015 pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting Flyer September 2015 Ken Hartley Chapter
09/09/2015 pdf Academic Forum Flyer September 2015 Aaron Spjute
08/20/2015 pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting Flyer pdf  August 2015
Darrick Duerksen Chapter
08/13/2015 pdf pdf Academic Forum Meeting Flyer August 2015 pdf
07/16/2015  pdf pdf Annual Membership Meeting July 2015   Chapter BOD  Chapter 
07/15/2015 pdf pdf Academic Forum Meeting Flyer July 2015 pdf AF
06/18/2015  pdf pdf Dinner Meeting Flyer June 2015 Scott Barton  Chatper 
06/17/2015  pdf pdf Bakersfield Dinner Meeting Flyer June 2015 pdf Robin Paggi  Bakersfield 
05/21/2015 pdf pdf pdf Dinner Meeting Flyer "Night at the Grizzlies" June 2015 Derek Franks Chapter
05/20/2015 pdf pdf pdf Bakersfield Dinner Meeting May 2015   pdf Tony Castiglion Bakersfield
05/01/2015 pdf pdf pdf 2nd Annual PMI Symposium Flyer
04/16/2015 pdf pdf pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting Flyer April 2015 Karana Hatter.. Chapter
04/15/2015 pdf pdf pdf Bakersfield Dinner Meeting Flyer April 2015 Debra Rahal  Bakersfield 
04/14/2015 pdf pdf pdf Academic Forum Meeting Flyer April 2015 pdf James Moore AF
03/19/2015 pdf pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting Flyer March 2015 Mike Tovar Chatper
03/18/2015 pdf pdf Bakersfield Dinner Meeting March 2015 Sue Watson Bakersfield
03/11/2015 pdf pdf Academic Forum Networking Event March 2015 AF
02/19/2015 pdf pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting February 2015 Tony Miranda Chapter
02/18/2015 pdf pdf Bakersfield Dinner Meeting February 2015 David Blaine Bakersfield
01/15/2015 pdf pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting January 2015 Philip Neufeld Chapter



11/18/2014 pdf pdf Chapter Dinner Meeting November 2014 Jake Soberol Chatper
11/12/2014 pdf pdf Academic Forum "Speed Networking" AF
11/01/2014 pdf pdf October Presidents Message Karen O'lane Chatper
10/16/2014 Combined Meeting of the PMI Chapter and Academic Forum Derek Franks Chapter
10/15/2014 [Project] Manager - Quo Vadis? Hugo Waigand Bakersfield
10/01/2014 pdf pdf October Presidents Message Karen O'lane Chapter
09/24/2014 Benefits of Integrated Medical Records(Click here for link to presentation) Dr. Hagop Afarian  HCF
09/18/2014 Principles of Leadership vs Project Management David Young  Chapter
09/17/2014 Certified to Strategize: Becoming PMP Certified and Succeeding as a Strategic Project Manager  Tunde Deru  Bakersfield
09/10/2014 Academic Forum New Member Mixer

Steve Starcher
Rebecca Matson
Jerry Dickerson


09/01/2014 pdf pdf September Presidents Message

Karen O'lane


08/21/2014 Annual Membership Meeting Board Members  Chapter
08/20/2014 Estimation 101 Scott MacKay  Bakersfield
06/19/2014 The Need for Collaboration and Resource Sharing: A Follow-up Mike Dozier  Chapter
06/18/2014 State of the County

Supervisor Mick Gleason

05/15/2014 Night at the Grizzlies

Karen O'Lane
Dr. Tom Wielicki
Jerry Dickerson

05/14/2014 Human Performance Improvement

David Morphis

05/02/2014 First Annual Valley Project Management Symposium

Greta Blash,
Jamie Franklin,
Michael Carbajal,
Gino Rapagna
Dr. Tom Wielicki.
CSUF PM Students

04/17/2014 Is Agile the Prescription for California’s IT Woes? 

Payson Hall 

03/20/2014 Crafting the Project Description

Julie Phillips, 
Deborah Kruse, 
Steve Strait,
Erik Vonberg

02/20/2014 The Hwy 180 Braided Ramps Project Neil Bretz  Chapter
02/18/2014 Life in the IT Group at Community Medical Centers David Bonner   SF
01/16/2014 Interactive Patient Care "The Committment Gayle Christner  Chapter
11/21/2013 Lean Delivery: The Future of Project Management Nigel Blampied  Chapter
10/17/2013 Why Entrepreneurship and Project Management Are Essential for the 21st Century Dr. Timothy Stearns  Chapter
10/08/2013 Interactive Patient Care "The Committment Gayle Christner  HCF
10/03/2013 Healthcare IT Department Q&A Panel Discussion

James Moore
Christina Hawkins
Dominic Cavalli

09/19/2013 Efficiencies in Lessons Learned: Metrics that Matter for Your PMO Corinna Martinez  Chapter
08/19/2013 Emotional Intelligence Quotient Edmond Matevosian  Chapter 
08/15/2013 Leadership - Why is this so Difficult? Marty Jakosa  Chapter
07/18/2013 Annual Membership Meeting Board Members  Chapter
06/20/2013 Turnkey Development and Construction of Ancillary Medical Projects Mike Bogna  Chapter
05/16/2013 Pioneering PMI into a Company Culture Jason Firkus  Chapter
05/16/2013 Fundamentals of Project Management Dr. Tom Wielicki  CSUF
04/18/2013 Healthcare Information Technology in the Central Valley: Fertile Ground for the Project Management Profession (Click here for link to presentation ) Jerry Dickerson  Chapter
03/21/2013 Managing Stakeholders in Different Cultures of International Projects Dr. Tom Wielicki  Chapter
02/21/2013 City of Fresno Metro Planning Martin Querin  Chapter
01/17/2013 Fresno County Juvenile Detention Campus: Political Execution of a County Program Management Project Bart Bohn  Chapter
11/15/2012 The Five Things You Must Know About Business Networking Beth Bridges  Chapter
10/27/2012 Strategic Planning Workshop

Tony Appleby
Jennifer Tharp

10/18/2012 Jumping the S-curve without Falling into the Abyss: How Sound Project Management Bolsters Successful Innovation Ann Henebury  Chapter
10/12/2012 Fall Manufacturing Conference Conference  UCAM
09/20/2012 September Dinner Meeting with Christine Cox Christine Cox  Chapter
08/21/2012 Project Management Tips & Tricks Bob Hull  Chapter
07/19/2012 Annual Townhall Meeting N/A  Chapter
07/04/2012 Support PMI-CCVC’s Fireworks Fundraiser! N/A  Chapter
06/21/2012 What is SDLC and How Can This Approach Help to Effectively Manage IT System Projects? Manny Fajardo, Jr  Chapter
05/17/2012 Project Management: No Guts, No Glory David Young  Chapter
05/11/2012 Fundamentals of Project Management Dr. Tom Wielicki  CSUF
04/27/2012 Fundamentals of Project Management Dr. Tom Wielicki  CSUF
04/19/2012 The Need for Collaboration Mike Dozier  Chapter
03/15/2012 Project Management of Environmental Projects - What I Wish I’d Known About Project Management Before Becoming a PM

Christine Cox, 
Deborah Kruse, 
David Young,
Erik Ringelberg

02/23/2012 CMC: An Economic Engine for the Region John G. Taylor  Chapter
01/19/2012 January Dinner Meeting with Cyrus Aram Cyrus Aram  Chapter
  2011 EVENTS
12/08/2011 Transforming Healthcare…One Milestone at a time Jamie Franklin   Chapter
11/17/2011  The Tao of Everest Ian Woodall  Chapter
10/27/2011  A Real Life Experience Incorporating Project Management into an Established Andy Hamilton   Chapter
09/15/2011 Meeting Client Expectations Through the Design Perspective Art Dyson  Chapter
08/25/2011 Special Dinner Meeting at Grundfos! Henrik Laursen,
Greg Bashian
07/21/2011 Creating and Sustaining Powerful Teams Through the Human Factor Kevin Ciccotti  Chapter
06/16/2011 Agile Project Management Lee Scott  Chapter
05/19/2011 Risk Control on Alaska's North Slope Mike Matson  Chapter
05/12/2011 Estimating: The Sociological Effects in a Group Todd Williams  Chapter
04/21/2011 Supplier and Subcontractor Interactions:How they Affect Your Project Schedule Tom Zimmerman  Chapter
03/24/2011 Gill Ranch Storage Project: 20 Billion cubic foot Natural Gas Storage Facility Steve Rey,
Gavin O’Leary
02/23/2011 Time Travel: Exploring Fresno State's First 100 Years  Dr. John D. Welty  Chapter
01/20/2011 The Management of Building Design in the Central Valley Chapter William E. Patnaude  Chapter
  2010 EVENTS
12/16/2010 PMI-California Central Valley Chapter Formation Project Overview  Manny Fajardo, Jr  Forum
11/18/2010 The Statewide High-Speed Rail Program  Bart Bohn   Forum
10/21/2010  Downtown Fresno, Revitalization and Minor League Baseball  Brian Glover   Forum
08/19/2010  Managing Project Risk and the Risk of not Teaching Project Management  Dr. Tom Wielicki   Forum
07/15/2010  The New Face of PMI – A Community in Transformation: What do Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gantthead Have in Common with PMI?  Mark “Doc” Dochtermann  Forum
06/17/2010 Project Management of Technology Projects Dr. Ram Adapa  Forum
05/20/2010 Who Moved My Stress?  Transform Stress/Pressure Into Peace and Productivity! Cheryl Mann  Forum
04/22/2010 What is Your Higher Calling?  Explore the Philanthropy in Project Management! Darius Assemi  Forum
03/18/2010 Effectively Managing Grants for Public Accountability  Samir Sheikh  Forum
02/18/2010  Punctuate Communications Without Punching Anyone Out! Bonni Montevecchi  Forum
  2009 EVENTS
12/17/2009  New System Implementation at E. & J. Gallo Winery  Brock Baker  Forum
10/15/2009  Speaking on the Extraordinary Construction feats of C.C. Meyers INC.  Linda Clifford  Forum
09/17/2009 Emotional Intelligence …our ability to get along with others and build relationships  Margaret Meloni   Forum
08/20/2009  Resolving Conflict Using the Interest-Based Approach  Dr. Jackie Ryle   Forum
07/16/2009  5 THINGS THAT ARE WRONG WITH PROJECT MANAGEMENT TODAY.....and what we can do about it...  Cyrus Aram   Forum 
06/18/2009  Stage Work - Interactive Group Learning Jeff Olson   Forum 
04/16/2009 SharePoint ... save money, save time, by improving your collaboration  Michael George   Forum
03/26/2009 De Young Properties teams up with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Brandon De Young,
Ryan De Young
02/19/2009 How Problems Become Opportunities Mark “Doc” Dochtermann  Forum
01/15/2009 The Daily Challenges of Playing Three Dimensional Chess Jamie Franklin  Forum
  2008 EVENTS
11/13/2008 The demand for skilled project managers is critically urgent Mark Mathieson  Forum
09/11/2008 How to Get Your Projects Unstuck and Back on Track (in Under 60 Minutes!) Nick Montoya  Forum