PMI California Central Valley Chapter




ROLE DESCRIPTION: Elected volunteer responsible for oversight of the Chapter and the Board of Directors. The President shall direct the activities of the other Board of Directors members in accordance with the Chapter Bylaws.



  • Direct/supervise the maintenance and achievement of the Chapter vision, mission and strategic objectives, as detailed by the Chapter Board of Directors of Directors, PMI and Chapter business plans

  • Direct the activities of all elected Chapter officers and appointed volunteers towards meeting Chapter strategic objectives

  • Ensure that the Chapter Board of Directors works together as a team

  • Represent the Chapter at public events

  • Ensure strategic alliance, planning and annual reporting

  • Be ultimately accountable for all Board of Directors operations and Chapter activities

  • Act as the principal liaison between the Chapter and PMI

  • Ensure that the charter renewal is updated and that the Chapter is in compliance, as specified by PMI

  • Preside over the Board of Directors of Directors meetings and the annual general membership meeting

  • Ensure that all Chapter business is being done legally and ethically

  • Assume responsibility for the overall functioning of the Chapter

  • Legally represent the organization (this role can be co-dependent with the VP of Finance)

  • Ensure statutory and regulatory compliance in consultation with the VP of Finance

  • With the Board of Directors, ensure prudent and strategic disbursement of Chapter funds

  • Drive implementation of PMI policies and guidelines and ensure that they are reflected in Chapter processes

  • Manage periodic policy audits

  • Promote leadership development opportunities for Board of Directors development

  • Develop and implement a succession and transition plan



  • Management Skills

  • Organizational Leadership and Management

  • PMI Knowledge and Experience

  • Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation



  • Ability to Delegate Effectively

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Skilled in Strategic Planning and Process Execution

  • Team-building Skills


Estimated Volunteer Hours per Month: 25-30

Average Years of Project Management Experience: 18

Average Years of PMI Volunteer Experience: 5

*Customized from respective role description in PMI Chapter Leaders’ Guide: Chapter Volunteer Role Delineation Study (RDS) Results – Third Edition (2017)