PMI California Central Valley Chapter



ROLE DESCRIPTION: Elected volunteer responsible for Chapter-based marketing and public relations to increase awareness of both the Chapter and the PMI brand within the territory. The VP of Marketing and Communications will develop and execute an integrated marketing and public relations program to support member acquisition, engagement and retention, as well as event promotion, outreach activities, sponsorships and other activities in alignment with the Chapter’s strategic objectives. These activities shall be performed in accordance with Chapter Bylaws and PMI policies, brand guidelines and global marketing strategy.


  • Develop and implement an integrated marketing and public relations program aligned with the Chapter’s strategic objectives
  • Develop and maintain the Chapter’s social media strategy and social media policy
  • Develop and manage Chapter outreach to increase Chapter membership
  • Develop and implement a Community Outreach Plan including commercial, not-for-profit and other professional associations
  • Create and execute annual marketing and public relations plan with detailed activity calendar including email, social media, advertising, events, press releases, web updates, etc.
  • Use best practices in marketing and public relations to promote the Chapter and its activities to members and the community at large
  • Disseminate information both to and from the Chapter in a timely manner
  • Define and regularly update Chapter communication strategy, policies, goals and objectives
  • Maintain a communications schedule that details Chapter marketing communications across all channels
  • Develop all communication vehicles including, but not limited to emails, web content, press releases, social media posts, promotional materials, advertising, etc.
  • Gain access to PMI’s Marketing Portal and use PMI-provided marketing/PR resources
  • Work with local vendors to develop marketing materials in accordance with PMI brand guidelines if suitable materials are not available in the Marketing Portal
  • Plan and purchase print and digital advertising
  • Monitor, optimize and analyze all marketing and public relations activities
  • Create and distribute public relations communications to local media outlets (e.g. local newspapers, radio stations and television) and manage local media inquiries
  • Collaborate with local industries, businesses and academic institutions, where appropriate, to publicize the PMIO and Chapter product and service offerings
  • Monitor and coordinate branded presentations to external stakeholders and other organizations interested in the activities of PMI
  • Expand and maintain relationships with sponsors for continued revenue generation to fund the Chapter’s activities
  • Coordinate and organize presentations to potential Chapter, event and other sponsors
  • Submit information to PMI’s communications department regarding Chapter activities for inclusion in PMI publications
  • Appoint, manage and develop directors and coordinators as appropriate to assist in membership responsibilities
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan for VP of Marketing and Communications and subordinate directors and coordinators


  • Knowledge of Fundraising Techniques
  • Proficiency with Digital Marketing Tools including Email Marketing Platforms, Social Media Platforms, Web Content Management Systems, and Research/Surveys Tools
  • Strong understanding of Marketing Strategy, Tactics, Planning and Delivery
  • Working Knowledge of Best Practices in Marketing
  • Strong Written Communication Skills in Formal Documents (e.g., Newsletters, Annual Plans, Email Communications, etc.)


  • Public Speaking/Presentation
  • Persuasion/Motivation
  • Strategic Planning & Process Execution

The ideal candidate must have been a PMI or local Chapter member for at least two (2) years in good standing. If a member transferred from another Chapter, he/she may qualify by providing a reference 

Estimated Volunteer Hours per Month: 10–hours Minimum

Average Years of Local Chapter Volunteer Experience: 1–years

*Customized from respective role description in PMI Chapter Leaders’ Guide: Chapter Volunteer Role Delineation Study (RDS) Results – Third Edition (2018)