PMI California Central Valley Chapter

EDUCATION: Director of University Academic Outreach


ROLE DESCRIPTION: Appointed volunteer responsible for University Academic Outreach, developing a strategy, and implementing programs that form sustainable partnerships and yield mutual benefits for the Chapter and tertiary/higher educational institutions. 


  • Work with the Chapter’s Board of Directors and Chapter partner to develop an overall strategy and plan with objectives for outreach and provide training/mentoring partnerships with local academic institutions to support the objectives of the Chapter and PMI Global

  • Develop and implement innovative programs with academic institutions to support academic outreach strategy

  • Develop metrics to measure success of academic outreach programs

  • Develop strategies and programs to support the establishment of “partnerships” for mutual benefit with academic institutions that help promote the Chapter and the project management profession

  • Evaluate and maintain academic outreach partnerships

  • Monitor activities of academic outreach volunteers assigned to manage the program

  • Maintain a record of local academic contacts

  • Manage and maintain academic outreach budget

  • Utilize PMI academic outreach resources to support designated outreach activities (found on the Marketing Portal)

  • Provide input to PMI academic outreach staff, contribute to the development of academic outreach resources and services for Chapter use (found on PMI Marketing Portal)

  • Report monthly progress to the Chapter’s Board of Directors and for the annual Chapter business planning with Chapter partner

  • Incorporate feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and Chapter as they relate to academic outreach resources and services

  • Act as primary lead for developing academic outreach activities which may include oversight of academic outreach committee volunteers

  • Responsible for making local academic institutions aware of PMI and the benefits of Chapter support, and PMI products/programs/initiatives relevant to an academic audience

  • Responsible for identifying and developing programs to involve, develop, engage and manage academic stakeholders

  • Assure synergy between outreach projects/activities

  • Gather lessons learned and develop procedures to ensure consistent messaging across outreach activities

  • Attend regularly scheduled outreach team meetings/conference calls and selected meetings

  • Create academic outreach articles for Chapter newsletter that provide communications on outreach activities

  • Help to develop, document, and maintain the role and responsibilities of the position to meet changes in the as conditions change, 

  • Enhance executive-level awareness of academic outreach programs that should be considered for the Chapter and its members


  • Knowledge of University Academic Environment and Structure

  • Understanding PMI Approach for Universities (including Accreditation Process)


  • Decision Making

  • Persuasion/Motivation 

  • Skilled in Strategic Planning and Process Execution

  • Stakeholder Management

Estimated Volunteer Hours per Month: 10-15 hours 

Average Years of Project Management Experience: 10

Average Years of PMI Volunteer Experience: 5