PMI California Central Valley Chapter

EDUCATION: PMIEF Chapter Liaison


ROLE DESCRIPTION: Appointed volunteer responsible for serving as the primary link between the PMI Chapter and the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF), PMI’s philanthropic arm and registered nonprofit organization, by building connections and networking both throughout the community and within the Chapter.


  • Serving the Chapter

  • Design and promote social good events, including those that serve community needs and are requested by Chapter Board of Directors members (e.g., VP of Outreach, VP of Professional Development, or VP of Events)

  • Raise awareness and deliver member value through the promotion/advocacy of Chapter social good programs and PMIEF no-cost resources (learning resources, templates, academic scholarships, awards, careers in PM, PMIEF newsletter, etc.) that support engagement in the local community

  • Engage fellow volunteers through social good programs and opportunities for developing their skills and participating in the community

  • Network with communities that can benefit from social good programs and free resources provided by PMIEF (e.g. schools, nonprofits, other organizations, etc.)

  • As invited, participate in Chapter annual planning and propose a yearly business plan specific to PMIEF

  • Provide Chapter Board of Directors members with regular updates on social good programs being carried out locally

  • Be familiar with all content related to role as published on

  • Communicating and Increasing Awareness

  • Promote social good initiatives organized by the Chapter through different channels (press, social media, etc.) to increase visibility among your PMI Chapter members and local community and provide reports on their impact

  • Collaborate with and communicate regularly with PMIEF Community Engagement Committee members on a variety of Chapter social good programs and planning

  • Inform PMIEF staff administrator periodically regarding Chapter social good programs that are being carried out and those initiatives that have been suggested/proposed by your Chapter

  • Staying Informed

  • Become knowledgeable about PMIEF programs, products, resources and partnership opportunities

  • Attend PMIEF virtual trainings, webinars and monthly teleconferences

  • Subscribe to and remain up-to-date with two PMIEF monthly e-newsletters: PM For Social Good® and PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison.

  • Participate in virtual events, webinars, and dedicated trainings that further increase awareness, exposure and insights regarding the PMIEF

  • Participate in global liaison community in development of and sharing of best practices


  • Passion for using project management for the good of others in society (youth, teachers, under-privileged individuals, nonprofits, etc.).

  • PMI knowledge and experience at the Chapter level

  • Ability to work independently on sensitive and complex matters

  • Demonstrated success in working well with people and teams and ability to build relationships both with community organizations and among Chapter volunteers

  • English proficiency, both written and verbal


  • Public Speaking/Presentation 

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Persuasion/Motivation 

  • Adaptability/Flexibility

Estimated Volunteer Hours per Month: 10–20 

Average Years of Project Management Experience: 10

Average Years of PMI Volunteer Experience: 5