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Sponsorship Opportunities

The PMI California Central Valley Chapter invites anyone interested in broadening their recognition in front of an audience of project management professionals in the Central Valley area to consider its sponsorship packages. Your company’s sponsorship supports our mission of advancing the practice, science, and profession of project management in a conscious and proactive manner.

The available Sponsorship Packages and associated sponsor recognition methods are listed below. After the sponsorship selection is completed, the Sponsorship Director will contact the sponsor to coordinate the recognition process. 

General Chapter Support Sponsorships

General Chapter Support Sponsorships provide the chapter with funding to support its operational expenses including chapter meetings, supplies and services, volunteer travel, etc. The sponsorship levels vary in terms of duration and associated recognition methods as shown in the table below.


Send Chapter Support Sponsorships requests to:


Meeting Sponsorships

Meeting Sponsorships provide the chapter with funding to support expenses related to a specific chapter, forum, or workshop meeting that is of interest to the sponsor. This option allows the sponsor to target its exposure to a specific event of interest. The supported expenses include meeting facilities, meals, publication supplies and services, speaker fees, etc.


The Meeting Sponsorships are offered at $125 per meeting with the following recognition methods:

Recognition on PMI CCVC Website
Company logo on the meeting page
Recognition on PMI CCVC Publications
Company logo in all meeting emails, flyers, programs, and presentations
Recognition at PMI CCVC Events
Company presentation at the meeting
Company promotional table at the meeting
Company giveaways and get participants business cards at the meeting
Send Meeting Sponsorship requests to: