Support Our Vision

The primary focus of the California Central Valley Chapter is to advance the capability of its members to practice their profession of project management for the benefit of other project managers, themselves, and for whom they do project management work while building professional relationships in a fun and learning environment. Our vision embraces, values, applies, and attributes its success to professional project management leadership and practices.

With your support, we can make this vision a reality.


How Can I Support The Chapter

The options to provide financial support to the PMI CCVC Chapter include:

Sponsorships - Organizations can become a corporate sponsor of the general activities of the chapter or select a specific program, forum, or event. Sponsors will be recognized in various methods depending on the sponsorship option chosen. The details are available on our Sponsorship page.


Donations - Organizations and individuals can donate funds of any amount to support general chapter or specific activities. The donor has the option to be recognized by the chapter or provide anonymous support. The details are available on our Donations page.


Advertising - Organizations can purchase advertising space on our chapter website, monthly newsletter, or other chapter publications.  Please contact for details.